installation piece


A photography project describing a first memory using lens based media. My first memory is of being in a buggy on a rainy day watching the world passing by through the plastic cover. I decided to make an installation piece using a clockwork mechanism i broke off from a wind up toy. I researched into clockworks to tamper with the device to make it go faster. I glued it to a drumstick and attached it to a custom made box with a light source underneath. On the drumstick were cut outs of people and vehicles. They would form a moving shadow piece on the wall above as they turned. This was one of the most frustrating but enjoyable things I have done. Trying to get the light source and cut out figures in the exact position to simulate the memory took a long time with a lot of trail and error. This combined with filming in tough lighting conditions made this project hard. Although it didn't turn out nearly as amazing as I imagined it in my head, I still learned a lot so overall it was definetly worth the time.